About Me

I’m a PhD program dropout, and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing now. I spent 17 years in manufacturing engineering after dropping out — because it sure seemed more fun than finishing that PhD (sorry UCLA Physics Department). Yeah, you, ’82-’84. The world of work seemed SO much more interesting and rewarding than the world of academics and research that I experienced in school. I realized years later that I (and most my fellow grad students) had resorted to cramming information we didn’t understand.

No fun. Not transferable to other domains. Not even memorable. A total waste!

So when they picked the other guy to be CEO at my Denver firm (yeah, you Monitor Labs), I quit and went to seek my calling in fixing education. But I was pre-aimed towards interactive video, and, fortunately, I found the leading edge on the planet in this area as applied to education almost right away.

I have 10 years of experience at MIND Research Institute, www.mindresearch.net, as President of the Education Division. MIND is a non-profit math software publisher and researcher. I bring the experience of dropping out (albeit when a little bit older than the typical teenager) and can I think to some extent empathize with children to whom basic math makes no sense. I bring the experience of the world of work, and what adds value (hint: visual problem-solvers).

I’m writing this blog, hopefully, to begin sparking a more mature conversation in education about powerful, effective, scalable, real-world solutions — in a domain that despairs of their very existence.

If you want to find out more, follow me @AndrewRCoulson or (more posts but still mostly me) @MIND_Research.

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