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Jake Butler

Save the Student COO | Expert on student jobs, banking, saving money

After graduating from the University of Manchester with a BSc in Geography, Jake had a short stint working in recruitment.

Following this, Jake joined his university friend Owen Burek (STS founder) to help build Save the Student into the UK's largest student money site helping millions of students a month.

Thanks to his time in recruitment Jake has always kept an interest in careers and jobs advice leading him to write many popular student job guides such as a CV writing guide, a rundown of the highest paid jobs and a list of graduate scheme deadlines.

Ever since his time at university, Jake has also always been known among friends and family as a keen money saver with an eye for a deal.

Among Jake's major achievements for the site are painstakingly signing up to and reviewing paid survey sites for a guide that has been read by millions, writing the complicated formula for a ground-breaking Student Loan repayment calculator and building the excellent Save the Student team who all have a passion for helping others.

Jake has also campaigned for students on The BBC, The Guardian, Which?, ITV, Channel 5 and many other mainstream outlets.

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