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Since 2007 Save the Student has had ring-side seats to student money issues. Our mission is to raise the profile of personal finance education for young people.

We've run national student surveys since 2013 and frequently appear in publications including The Independent, The BBC, The Guardian and The Huffington Post.

We are always happy to offer sound-bites, interesting insights and commentary, which are well-informed and from a unique perspective through what we do every day.

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  • Founded in 2007 by Owen Burek, Save the Student is the largest student money site in the UK
  • To date, the site has over 3,500 pages serving 3m visits a month
  • The site offers free advice on student money topics and news, as well as daily student deals and useful resources
  • We conduct national student surveys and publish results, including the annual National Student Money Survey
  • We produce, distribute and fund "The Student Money Takeaway" to universities and colleges
  • Our university student statistics page covers the key data to be aware of
  • Our team consists of full-time editors and researchers based in London, Manchester and the Midlands (meet us here), and student contributors across the UK
  • We are committed to supporting students and graduates, from leaving school to starting a career.

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Whether you are a journalist, researcher or student we're always happy to help.

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