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Mobile phone deals

Mobile phones and contracts can seem like a massive hassle to sort, not to mention expensive. With our tips, get the cheapest deals and an overall better experience!

A mobile phone is obviously essential these days and if you're not careful you could end up pay over double what you should be each month.

It's really easy to get your phone bill to as low as under £10 a month and still not have to suffer with low data or a cheap phone.

  1. Compare contract deals

    Don't jump straight into the first contract you see. Shop around and get the best deal possible. Use our mobile phone comparison to do this for you!

  2. Compare SIM deals

    Again, it's important to shop around for SIM deals too. Whilst they may not seem that expensive initially, you may be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

    Check out our best SIM-only deals, as we've done all the work for you!

  3. Consider insuring it

    Accidents happen and your phone is no exception to the rule! Especially as in this day and age, we use it all the time and it comes with us everywhere.

    You can have it added onto your contents insurance if you have it, but chances are you'll have to pay a hefty excess! Instead, have a look at how you can get mobile phone insurance for £1.49!

  4. Sell your old mobile phones

    Got any old phones lying around? Granted they might not be worth a load of money but every penny counts, especially if it's losing value sat in your cupboard!

    If it's damaged, it probably won't be worth much (or anything) but you can still use our guide to find out how to best recycle it!

  5. Unlock to use all of the deals

    Is your device locked to a specific network? Never fear, we can help you unlock a phone here.
    We cover the costs of unlocking a phone, how to unlock a smartphone and also how to unlock an older phone!

  6. Know the rates for calling abroad

    This is a big one for saving money! Calling abroad can be extremely expensive, whether you're calling from the UK or if you're on holiday and need to call home.

    Make sure you check the rates online or with your mobile phone provider directly in-store so you know what you're faced with.

  7. Work out your data usage

    Sure, it's great to have 100GB or unlimited data, but if you're only using 8GB per month, you're massively overpaying for the privilege.

    Most phone providers have an app where you can check your monthly data usage, if not just give them a call. You may be able to choose a cheaper plan for your actual day-to-day usage.

  8. Get free social media data

    VOXI gives customers endless social media usage with all of their plans, which means that if you're on a 6GB per month plan, any time you're on social media within this, it won't count towards your 6GB you pay for!

    This means you can use your data to do other things.

  9. Haggle for your life (and contract)

    Haggle, haggle, haggle for a great deal! Just because the provider is expensive online, doesn't mean you're stuck with it.

    Give them a call and see if you can negotiate a better price for a new contract or even your existing one!

    You could even find out which providers offer a mobile contract student discount.

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