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Tom Allingham

Communications Director | Expert on Student Finance, saving money and student bills

Tom Allingham is Save the Student's Communications Director – a role with a range of responsibilities. He handles everything from press appearances to video production, as well as acting as the point of contact for anyone working in university or government.

Tom has a degree in English Language and Linguistics from Queen Mary, University of London, and studying in the capital forced him to get smart with his money.

But it wasn't until joining Save the Student that Tom really took his money-saving skills to the next level. He's shared his top tips in pieces on getting free coffee, the cheapest ways to watch football, the best free trials and many, many more.

As an expert in Student Finance, Tom has written our guide to Maintenance Loans (among others) and has frequently appeared on Money Box (BBC Radio 4) to discuss related issues.

He also champions student causes, and has spoken about the challenges they face on the likes of Sky News, BBC Breakfast and ITV News, as well in The Guardian, VICE and others.

If you’d like to chat to Tom about this, or anything else, drop him a message on Twitter or LinkedIn!