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Nele van Hout

Content editor | Expert on travel, making money and saving money

After moving to the UK on her own at 18, Nele studied English and Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. As an international student without a Maintenance Loan, she quickly learned how to budget and earn money outside of her university degree.

After graduating, she worked as a copywriter and digital marketing assistant for a start-up in Manchester but quickly transitioned into working for herself as a freelance writer, editor and travel blogger. This led her to join Save the Student in 2021.

Nele loves finding cheap hotels, flights and ways to make the most out of your trips abroad. She’s passionate about making money on social media while providing valuable and relevant content on her travel blog, The Navigatio.

She’s mentioned as a travel expert in Good Housekeeping and has written for British Airways, FOCUS Magazine, Love to Visit and more.

If you’d like to have a chat, you can reach out through her Linkedin page.